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I became an auctioneer in 1972 and since that time I have auctioned Banks, Lumber Yards, Dept Stores, Hotel Restaurant and Janitorial Supply, Boats, Marinas, Grocery Stores, Farms, Farm Equipment, Personal Estates, Horses, Autos and just about anything you can think of to sell. Some of our most interesting auctions have been Mini Storage and Moving Companies. You just never know what you might find, most of the buyers consider it a treasure hunt and at times find considerable treasures. We have auctioned thousands of storage bins and hundreds of thousands of items and we still love it. I hope other auctioneers have as much fun calling bids as I do. Let our years of experience in selling estates and business liquidations be your source of information concerning your valuable assets.
Thanks To All
Butch Evans .



 1974 Col. Evans and crew conducting an auction in Lawton Oklahoma with R.D. Bentley .

 (Take a look at that dark hair.) 



This is a really good site to find  auctions and  what is selling



This is an auction at Morningstar on Mt. Holly Rd.

This is an auction at Affordable in Newton


This is an auction we did in Monroe at Safe Haven Mini Storage and   Pat McAfee   who plays

 with the  Indianapolis Colts attended our sale while his crew was filming a TV special. 

 He bought  several units and gave them away ,  back to the  owner who was up for auction. 

 He was lots of fun and the crowd loved him.





Well, believe it or not this is Butch Evans receiving his auction certificate in 1972

 from  Col. Jim McLeod,  instructor at  Associated School Of Auctioneering of Ft. Worth Tx.  

The school was taught in Lawton Ok. at the Hotel Lawtonian

 Jim was  a really good auctioneer and friend.


 I returned to North Carolina in 1976  and  received  North Carolina Auction Lic.  # 1195.

and South Carolina Lic #1088 .  After a few years, I felt like I needed additional

 instruction and  a refresher  class.  I attended the  Mendenhall School of Auctioneering

 in High Point,  N.C. in 1979

What a difference 7 years can make, Look at that hair.

Graduating Class of Nov. 1979

Well known  and not forgotten auctioneer Bob Lilly was a graduate of this class.  Before

Bob passed away he built a  highly successful auction business in Indian Trail, that is

 now under the watchful eye of his son  Jed Lilly  who is carrying out the family tradition.

The auction business has been competive and lots of fun.  It is important to do

something  that you love to  do  on a daily basis.  I used to drive to Columbia on 

 Saturday night to sell cars at  the  car auction and I would  get home around

12:00  or 1:00  in the morning,  just to get exp[erience.   I didn't get paid  but the experience

was worth more than the money would have been .  Since I have been in the auction

business I have not had a day of my life that I hated to get  up and go to work, there

have been days, that depending  on what I made,  I should have  stayed in bed.... We just

 laughed and figured,  there would be  another day and we wouild  try to make it a better

 one.  All in all, the years  have been good for  all of us.  I am thankful for all of those

people who helped me along the way and to  the thousands  of people who  were 

bidders at our sales. Most of all for the man above for giving us another day to call bids. 

Thanks To All


Butch Evans



 "We  Appreciate  Your  Business

We  Couldn't  Have  Auctions  Without  You"