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Charlotte is a beautiful city and a wonderful area to work especially if you are in the

auction  business. You can go to an auction just about any day of the week and on

some days  pick from as many as 35 to 40 different auctions within a 50 mile radius. Having

so many auctions is producing many treasures and if you haven't been to an auction

this week  we invite you to come to one. We have even seen some of our friends on

the Antiques Road Show with items of great value found at local auctions. Come on out.

See You At The Auction.
Butch Evans

"Spend The Day With Us And Find A Treasure"


 Many people ask us from time to time why auctioneers are called Colonel?
I was told that during the cavalry days if a soldier was killed in battle, all of his equipment and personal belongings were auctioned off and usually a Colonel was called upon to do it, therefore all auctioneers have the honorary title of Colonel.
That way if you forget the auctioneer's name you can just call him Colonel and he will respond


 If you deal in antiques used furniture or collectibles our auctions are a good source for product. If you are looking for items for your personal use, you will usually find tools, household items, furniture, toys,

decorative accessories and a variety of treasures


 The N.C. Auctioneer Lic. Board

It provides us with information about all auctioneers operating in this state.  It also enables us to access the N. C.  Laws that govern the Auction Profession.  If you have questions about the Auction Law Check out this link. It also offers links to many associations in this state and others. 

Auctions are a fun and exciting way to shop but we must warn you...............


If You Are Thinking About Having A Sale, Please Call Us. We will be happy to come out and discuss the auction method  and answer any questions you might have. 

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Auction Dates Are Subject To Change, Due To Reasons Beyond Our Control

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